Crude Oil Carrier


Try to picture in your mind a vessel that provides a strong combination of cost-efficient and reliable tanker operations both in open water and ice. Hard, isn’t it? Designing a vessel, that meets all these requirements, is a tough nut to break. Meidanstudio did not hesitate in accepting the task to reshape the lines above the waterline and design the coloring and graphics for this massive 266- meter carrier.


We were originally provided with the 3D model of the hull along with the GA drawings. In the concept designing process, we explored various shapes and lines by rounds of sketching and 3D modeling to meet the high-quality standards of Aker Arctic, Deltamarin, and their customers.


Understanding the technical aspects and the end users’ needs and especially their working conditions, we styled unique elements that are to increase the usability, convenience and structural strength of the vessel. Graphics and coloring were planned to work in arctic conditions. Nature- derived coloring in the hull and strong signal colors on the deck areas were created for safety purposes. The project was finished up with quality visualizations.

Arctic Aframax 118,000 DWT Crude Oil Carrier

Main specifications: Loa: 266.0 m
Breadth: 46.0 m
Depth 22.5 m
Draught (design): 14.8 m
Icebreaking capability: 1 meter continuous
Economical open water speed: 13.5 knots