Aker ARC 131

Trimaran Harbour Icebreaker


Aker Arctic had been developing the revolutionary Aker ARC 131 Trimaran Icebreaker in cooperation with Mobimar Ltd. Meidanstudio was asked to redesign the vessel to be more appealing to the potential customers.


Aker Arctic provided us with the preliminary GA drawings and in-depth technical information, which we used for guidelines when we began reshaping the vessel. During the process, we created a lot of sketches. The ultimate version was selected in close cooperation with the design team of Aker Arctic. The chosen design was then 3D modeled and transferred into high- quality visualizations.


The new icebreaker is not only looking better but boosts better functionality as well. The visualizations are used in marketing to promote the magnificent and cost-saving features of this clever vessel to the customers.

Aker ARC 131 Trimaran Harbour Icebreaker

MAIN DIMENSIONS: Length: 44,8 m
Breadth 25,6 m
Draught: 5,0 m
Power 8,5 MW
Ice going properties: Both ahead and astern, breaking the ice of 0,4 m thickness at the speed of 7 kn.