Arctic Module


Think big, challenge the conventional, and the result may be the widest polar ice class ship in the world! Icebreaking ships are rarely more than 30 meters wide while this Arctic Module Carrier numbers 43 meters. She is the world's first wide deck heavy cargo vessel able to operate year- round in harsh arctic conditions. The project was carried out in an extremely short timeline, Meidanstudio being responsible for the graphic design and high-quality visualizations for the marketing launch at OTC 2015 in Houston, Texas.


Since the Red Box was a rather new player in the business they had no references for the graphics and coloring. After 3D modeling and texturing the vessel, Meidanstudio delivered several graphic proposals to the customer. Based on the customer feedback, the final version was selected and applied to the visualizations.


After a successful launch at OTC, it took only 2 months for the ZPMC & Red Box Energy Services to sign a manufacturing contract with Guangzhou Shipyard International for two (2) vessels. A great product together with truly convincing marketing material made this project a success story.

Arctic Module Carrier

Main dimensions
LOA: 206 m
Breadth: 43 m
Depth to upper deck: 13.5 m
Draught 7.5 m
Speed: 13 kn
Deadweight: 24,500 t